Offload the plumbing work.
Scale faster.

Scale your IoT offerings without investing in your own infrastructure.

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"Simline immediately reduced our monthly bill by 45%.
It's as close as you can get to a no-brainer for IoT companies."

George Tulle

President, MRL Integrated Solutions Inc.

Network infrastructure isn't your business.

We'll take care of the plumbing so
you can focus on growth.

IoT infrastructure as a Service

Leave the pipes to us and launch your IoT network in a fraction of the cost and time by leveraging infrastructure specifically built for IoT companies.

Connectivity without chains

Instead of committing to a lengthy telecom contracts and minimum spending commitments, Simline provides connectivity and supporting services on terms that work for you.

Expertise on-demand

Bespoke infrastructure and automation support designed to help you scale.

Rock solid infrastructure
for small budgets.

Custom integrations available to fit your setup.

Connectivity is only a phone call away.

Gain deep insights into your device usage.

Scale at your pace without telco pressure.

Reduce costs, simplify operations, and start growing.

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